Vyoum enables multi-party audio visual communications with a set of enriching tools that enables individual and organisations to utilize human resources to the best independent of time or place.

Vyoum is ready to use technology for collaboration.

Vyoum provides everything you need to fill the requirement of web or browser based video conferencing in application areas of education, learning and academics.

Vyoum Usage

Among its multiple potential applications Vyoum can be easily applied in below verticals.
Vyoum empowers schools, colleges, universities to follow the digital education roadmap that makes education delivery agnostic of time, place and scale. Educators can deliver and pupils can absorb the curriculum at their pace and convinience.
Vyoum empowers tele-consulatation and tele-medicine. This has immense potential and applicability that results in more utilization of constrained medical infrasturcture and staff with lower overheads. Its enhanced functions easily allow patients to almost “be there” before the physican. Thanks to the bi-directional communications features.
Vyoum technology empowers corporate workforce to have seamless communications in the most demanding corporate environments. Flexible integration capabilities allows you to retain the corporate identity and branding and at the same time have access to the communication technology.

Case Studies


HaatNow is a platform for rural empowerment. Vyoum enable HaatNow team to collaborate on regular basis and conduct meetings. Vyoum is also planned to be incorporated in HaatNow app itself to power collaboration among its users.


INADS is embracing Vyoum as a preferred Video conferencing platform for delivering online courses from educators worldwide. The students of INADS (Institute for Advanced Studies) as also spread across the world. Vyoum is compatible with the eLearning platform that is being used for the world campus.